It's Not That Bad

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my family in California, which is always nice in a variety of ways.  It was a chance to see my parents, siblings, as well as my son and daughter-in-law.  I was able to catch-up with the various family issues AND wonder how in the world anyone does business in California!

Two of my siblings are in the printing business and my son works in the web site development world (he’s the guy I thank for making this blog reality!).  All of them have been impacted because of the recession, but what really amazes me is the free-fall that California is experiencing.  It’s $21 Billion in the red; last week the voters turned-down the state’s plans to fix the budget; un-employment is at 11%; it’s taxes are some of the highest in the country; real-estate is dropping faster than a barometer in a hurricane; and the state is also facing the worse drought in its recorded history.

Yet, the freeways are full of traffic; individuals are buying homes; people are going to restaurants; 89% of the state is employed; AhNuld is their Governor; and people are buying print.  Well, 5 out of 6 isn’t too bad.

In comparison to our MidAmerica region, things are heck of a lot worse on the left coast, yet, in speaking to different folks (family and non-family) I did not get a lot of Chicken Little dialogue.  The prevailing attitude was “Yeah, things are ‘bad,’ but it’s going to get better.”  And if the Californians are thinking that way – there’s hope for all of us.


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