Industry Trends

Last month 25 of our industry’s Association professionals met to discuss various issues pertaining to Printing Industries of America and its affiliates.  Needless to say the mood was not entirely up-beat, but there was a sense of cautious optimism.   Everyone recognizes the challenges facing our industry in the economic times we face, as well as the ever-changing world of visual communications.

At the conference, there were two presentations of special interest.  The first was presented by Adobe’s Will Eisley, Director of Product Management for their Creative Suite products.   He re-affirmed Adobe’s commitment to print, but the underlying message was “more change is coming.”  Adobe (as is Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Oracle, HP, etc., etc.) sees a world in which Internet-based communication will be ubiquitous.  Whether it’s on your PC/Mac; PDA; phone, or lord-knows-what, communication will be instantaneous, mobile, and in the “cloud.” 

The other message came from industry stalwart, Stuart Margolis.  Margolis’ accounting firm has over 300 printing clients across the U.S.  Because of the economic and technological changes occurring with the industry, he sees the need for firms to consider the merger/acquisition route so they can a.) increase their sales base or b.) realize the value of their business through a sale.   His recent partnership with Paul Reilly and “New Ventures” is an indication of how strong Margolis feels about this business strategy in our industry.

Our Association also sees a need for members to better understand these options of growing/selling their business.  We have contacted several M&A professionals, including Paul Reilly, Stu Margolis and Charlie Oppenheimer, to develop various articles on merger/acquisition.  This “white paper” should be available to our membership later this summer.


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