Glimmers of Hope?

The “word” around the printing industry is that we’ve seen bottom.  Of course, no one is going to bet any serious dollars on that supposition, but there are glimmers.  Although as some scalawag stated (I’m not going to mention names), when your sales are lower than a snake’s belly, any change looks good. 

Are there positive signs?  We’ve seen additional activity on the PIA MidAmerica Job Postings website as members are looking to add personnel.  There are several firms who have shared with our staff that they’re seeing increased backlogs, and a recent PIA MidAmerica survey [July] indicated that about 46% of the responding companies’ backlogs were increasing (35% were seeing decreases).  Yet, that same survey indicated that the market is still very competitive.  46% reported decreasing markups because of competition while 14% indicated there had been no change in markup practices. Regardless, if the word on the street is to be believed, it looks like the summer doldrums are over – and here’s hoping for a good fall season.


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