Barbarians At The Gate

I was recently reading an article in “Business Week” by Rob Hof about Google’s newest tool and was pleasantly surprised to read these words by Hof, “Print has its advantages. In addition to its portability, a magazine or newspaper is easy to flip through to find what you’re looking for, or run across articles or ads you didn’t know you’d want to read.” 

This issue of readability is one of the big advantages that print has over electronic media.  BUT, Google is presently attacking this with the subject of his article, their Fast Flip tool.  

If one is to find ways to defeat the Barbarians (or at least slow them down), one has to realize that today’s technocrats (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Adobe) are constantly finding ways to make visual communications easier AND more like print!  Thus, it becomes more important than ever to look at print’s strengths and continue to explore ways to have our clients understand these strengths and how they can parlay them to help their business.  Sticking our head in the sand and hoping the Barbarians will go away is not the answer.  Of course, a long-term answer is to find ways to assimilate the Barbarians and make them part of our solution.


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