A Special Time of Year

As business people, we can truly say that 2009 has not been pretty.  Yet, all of us can be thankful for many of the blessings we enjoy.

This became very clear last week when I celebrated a very special birthday — 60.  At the celebration, I was joined by my children from California and Texas along with long-time close friends, who really have become family.  It’s these folks, and my spouse, who really are life’s blessings.

It’s this time of year, as we celebrate the holiday season and the upcoming New Year, when we can easily be consumed by the frantic pace, and the “what-ifs” of life.  So, kick back and chill a bit.  Look at the many positives in your life rather than focusing on the negatives — and we all have those!  Don’t even get me started talking about back pain and arthritis *grin*

So, enjoy the season and let’s all look forward to a better 2010 — because it WILL be better.

Here’s wishing everone a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


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