Sharing — It's Good For Us!

One of the true values of the Internet is the ability to quickly (if not instantly) communicate with one another.  And I’m not talking about the irrelevant messaging of “I’m headed off to Starbucks for a double skinny latte.”   Another value is the opportunity to create community and share with one another, and I think that’s very important for those of us in the visual communications industry a.k.a. print.

As I’ve discovered with Cup-a-Joe, through blogging we have the ability to share thoughts, which hopefully create dialogue on issues of importance to us.  More importantly, our willingness to share can create a stronger community.  When you get a chance, check out this blog by PIA MidAmerica member Cathy Lawrimore, who has some neat thoughts to share about print sales.  Of course, Cathy’s not the only member in the blogosphere; so, if you want to share your thoughts with your industry peers – let me know!


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