Newly elected Massachusetts’ Senator Scott Brown’s campaign frequently referenced the number forty-one — signifying that if elected he would be the 41st Republican senator.  Needless to say, the Democrats worse nightmare came to pass yesterday.  No longer do they have the leverage of 60 votes in the Senate.

What does this signify for small business — it’s momentous.  Although the health bill could still pass, the likelihood is greatly reduced.  Cap and trade is now no longer a slam dunk and any potential bills regarding “card check” become much more difficult to pass.  These are the pluses.

But let us not forget that for the past decade — and more so the last several years — we have congressional representatives who have become strident in moving their position forward rather than trying to work for a common good.  We need more statesman and less politicians in Washington.  Because there is a need to reform the health care system, and climate change IS an issue, and we do need regulations for financial institutions.  We just need balance and individuals who understand it’s not just about keeping the extreme left — or right — happy.

Let’s hope 41 understands these issues and Congress puts aside it’s “payback” mentality.


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