Best Industry Magazine

Of course I want to say Graphic Impressions, the Association’s Official magazine, but we’re still a work in progress.  Graphic Arts Monthly and Printing Impressions are the “blue bloods” of the trade press world, but the magazine that I really like is Quick Printing.  Now, before you start shaking your head and saying that it’s only for quick printers or for small commercial printers — stop right there.

What I like about the magazine is the stable of writers they utilize.  John Giles, Tom Crouser, Nancy Diemar, John Stewart, and Dave Fellman.  Other than Nancy, I’ve had the opportunity to have known these folks for nearly 20 years – and they understand what it takes to be an owner in this business.  I regularly read their columns and they have plenty of gems to share.  More importantly, their focus is on business — not the old industry adage found in many magazines of “buy a new ‘whatever’ and they will come.”  Those days are long gone.

Yes, sometimes their information is aimed at a “smaller” printer – but what’s appropriate for a $1.5 million printer is just as appropriate for a company with $10MM and privately held.  Folks, that’s the vast majority of the industry.  So, if you are not receiving the magazine, and want a fresh perspective – check it out!


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