It's A New World

The folks at CEO Forum provided an interesting link this morning – no, it’s not an April Fool’s Joke.  Seton Hill University, a small Catholic Liberal Arts university in Pennsylvania, will provide 2010 incoming Freshman with MacBook laptop and an iPad.  Why?  Let me quote from their website, Twenty-first century students live in a world of technology and collaboration where learning happens 24 hours a day and is supported by professors, friends, professional experts, and fellow learners in the classroom, on the web, and around the world.

The Griffin Technology Advantage, Seton Hill’s commitment to provide students with the best in technology and collaborative learning tools, ensures that Seton Hill students will be uniquely suited to whatever careers they choose – even those that have not yet been created.I think this is very representative of the changes which are rapidly affecting print and visual communications.  What are you doing to become more knowledgeable about the tools which will continue to impact the way we communicate — today and in the future?


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