It's Spring Time

In the past several weeks I’ve been in Southern California, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.  In each of those regions of the country there was a bit of optimism in the in air.  Granted, no one is happy with our nation’s economics.  The Tea Party is having hissy fits over the Administration’s direction, and the health care supporters are in nirvana.  As for the print industry in those areas of the country as well as the MidAmerica region, there is a glimmer of potential.   It’s like baseball.  When the season opens, everyone has a shot at the pennant, or at least being a division winner.

Yes, the business is not what it used to be, and there are still too many “dead printers walking,” as Tom Crouser says, but we’re seeing signs of life in the advertising/print community.  And as us baseball fans know, spring is always a great time of the year.


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