There's Nothing Wrong with Small.

During the past decade, numerous pundits declared that the small printer (less than 15 employees) would rapidly go the way of the dodo bird.  Granted, over the years we have seen many go away but at the same time we’ve seen (and continue to see) major firms go bankrupt, liquidate or merge/consolidate (Vertis, Quebecor, Bowne, Narrowgate, Southwestern Colorgraphics, Buchanan, Townsend, Banta, etc.).

In our industry, no company is too big to fail – and that is one reason why many “small” companies will continue to thrive.  Regardless of what we call ourselves (printers, print providers, marketing service provider, visual communication company), we are still in the business of producing a custom product.  More often than not, that requires creativity and commitment along with the ability to be a truly committed partner – and that’s much easier to do when you’re small.


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