A Greek Tragedy

I’m observing the European meltdown, and the literal Greek Tragedy, which is presently occurring.  Although one wishes to blame the Greek populous and poor management by its politicians, it’s really all about entitlement.

Over the years, the Greeks have become accustomed to generous (by world standards) entitlements which quickly became their God-given right.  Now, when it’s time to re-trench for the good of the country, the riots have begun.

I think that the U.S. and its citizens must take a lesson from this European story.  Granted, I’m probably preaching to the choir since many who read this blog operate small businesses and understand the concept of balance.  A firm must produce/deliver a product which customers desire while simultaneously creating profits to recapitalize the firm and provide a livelihood for employees.  And do it year after year!   

As a society we must find ways to provide for education, transportation, security and many of the other elements of government which are necessary.  Not unlike our Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, we find ourselves arguing as to the best form of governance.  Many want “government” to take care of society, while other wish “government” to be responsible to those governed.   Regardless of what side of the fence you straddle, our country does not have the long-term resources to sustain a consumer-driven economy while constantly adding more entitlements.  A balance must be struck.

Thus, we need to find representatives who understand we no longer live in the 1930’s or 1950, and there was a socialist or communist under every rock.  We need to elect individuals who understand that today’s economy is a world economy and that building borders (figuratively or literally) will not work.  And more importantly, we must elect individuals who are willing to stand up and do what’s right – today and not kick the ball down the field to let our children or grand-children deal with the problem.


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