Scattershooting in June

I’ve been remiss in putting my thoughts down over the past week or so.  Is it due to being busy?  Summer doldrums (summer temperatures and haze is upon us)?  Or just lack of “thought?”  Probably the latter.  Regardless, here are some vague thoughts on the world of print and business . . .

I just read a very nice article on Direct Mail Marketing — and how to combat customers who think that electronic solutions are the only solution.  The author was Nancy DeDiemar a regular contributor to Quick Printing Magazine.  As always she does a nice job of covering mailing issues.  She has great statistics as well as some very succinct thoughts.  It’s a good read!

I was at a Texas Commission on Enivronmental Quality (TCEQ) public hearing yesterday on the upcoming EPA proposal to reduce ozone thresholds from the present 75 parts per million to a range between 60 and 70ppm.  Why should you care?  Although there’s no real science saying we will dramatically reduce ozone created health issues by dropping the threshold lower (this will be the third time the threshold has been reduced since 1990), it will surely impact small business.  At present most regions of the Texas are meeting the EPA thresholds, but per the TCEQ, only 2 of the existing 31 counties with air monitors would be in compliance at the 60ppm threshold.  This is a national issue not just Texas, and it will affect ALL businesses in the U.S.

Do I dare go back an revisit the health care bill?  Nah.  I’d just get depressed.  But we (PIA MidAmerica) just received our new proposal for next year’s health insurance.  It only went up 40%.  I think I need to go hit something!

I just finished editing a recent survey we conducted regarding press capacity in the DFW and KC marketplaces.  Albeit it was a handful of firms, but they represented about 10-15% of the commercial print capacity in the market place.  From April ’09 to April ’10 employment was down 8% and sheetfed capacity (4o” equipment) was down 12%.  And the beat goes on . . .

We (PIA MidAmerica) took up PIA Southern California (PIASC) on their generous offer to steal (liberate) their “Did You Know” series of buckslips.  There are 12 different messages about the Power of Print and those PDFs are now available to our members to download and reproduce and share with their customers and prospective customers.  BJ Irvin tells me we are getting lots of inquiries.  PIASC is now in the midst of expanding the campaign to include billboards and vehicle wraps.  Keep up the good work guys!

And for a change of pace.  Lakers are up 2-1 against the hated Boston Celtics (I grew up watching Russell and Havlicek dismantle the Lakers).  Did I say hate?  Well maybe dislike is a better word.  The Yankees?  Hate.

And that dear readers is enough for the time being.   ’nuff said.


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