Summertime Passion

Baseball is on my mind right now.  The Texas Rangers are playing decent (it’s before the All Star break) and I’m headed to the Windy City later this week and going to catch a Cubs game.  What makes it special is that one of my brothers (there’s three) and my son (only one) will be joining me.

We’re not Cubs fans, but all of us played the game and enjoy the experience of being in a historical ball park like Wrigley Field.  Two of us bleed Dodger “blue,” and my son —- he committed the ultimate sin.  He became a San Francisco Giants fan when he lived in SF.  Now that he lives in San Diego and is following the Padres, we might forgive him.  Might.  If he starts following that east coast team in pinstripes, he’s out of the will.

The road trip will also be interesting because of the conversations.  James (son) is a web architect (he put together this site for the ol’ man) and is very much a Gen X’er having been born in 1976.  My brother and I grew up in the printing business and still think that paper is a wonderful vehicle.  More to come . . .


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