Regulations – Making Them Work

Just finished meeting with our Clean Air Committee to discuss the upcoming regulations which impact our industry in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston next year.  The industry if facing some significant changes next year and I’m always amazed how much willingness there is for the industry to try to do the right thing.  The challenge is trying to get the regulators to understand that documentation for documentation’s sake is not the solution.

Our biggest issue is not the requirements to use chemistry that helps reduce ozone — which has a dramatic impact on a company’s productivity/profitability.  It’s the regulatory hoops which must be jumped so the regulating community can “document” that the “rules” were followed.   It’s one of the major frustrations between the regulated community and the regulators.  If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.  Yet, if one makes the rules so onerous — businesses are less willing to comply.  It’s a fine balancing act.  It’s also an argument at the heart of the recent litigation between Texas and the EPA.  Ah, such a tangled weave.


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