Wonderful Day For a Swim

North Texas is dealing with the remnants of hurricane Hermine, which translates into a lot of rain and traffic congestion.  I was slowly making my way into the office this morning listening to my usual updates re: political issues.  Of course, the talk was about the President’s upcoming proposal to help stimulate business and the contrarian perspectives from the Republicans.  As with the traffic patterns being brought to a halt by the rain, I see the same pattern with our economy.

Until the rain stops, traffic will not get better.  Until Washington stops messing with taxes and the economy, business will not improve.  It’s the unknown which slows business decisions.  And with all the proposals in the pipeline (tax changes, health care, cap & trade, more stimulus, etc.), business is not about to start spending – and the same goes for the consumer.  So, the question remains, how do we get our leaders in Washington to get it?

Next week many of our industry’s leaders will have that chance by participating in Printing Industries of America’s Print’s Voice 2010 in Washington D.C.   Yes, sometimes it seems futile talking to our Congressman and Senators – but the alternative is that they will never hear about our concerns, and that’s a scary thought.  So, come on in the water’s fine!


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