USPS Proposed Rate Increase

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock or with Rip Van Winkle, you are probably aware of the recent request by the USPS for a “emergency” rate increase .  There was a good Op-Ed piece written in today’s Wall Street Journal that summarizes many of the issues.   The Affordable Mail Alliance, a coalition of many firms and organizations who utilize the USPS delivery system, has taken a very proactive role in trying to derail this train.  If your business relies on the USPS — and whose business doesn’t — this is something you truly need to look into.  This “emergency” rate increase allows the USPS to ignore its fundamental problem, that it’s infrastructure is bloated and its labor costs are totally out of line.

If you are involved with direct mail, its creation or production, read the comments on the WSJ article, and you’ll see another issue print has to fight.  Relevancy.


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