Super Bowl Observations

This past weekend I made an observation as I was travelling into downtown Dallas for dinner.  There were a lot of signs/banners for the Super Bowl.  This reminded me that there are probably a lot of other promotional pieces being produced for this event – brochures, point-of-purchase, tickets, flyers, etc., etc.,  AND, none of these products will be completely replaced by digital media – although FedEx office has introduced a way to make printing easier using mobile devices.  Granted it might not be mass-production printing which our industry has grown accustomed to and loves (JC Penney Catalog), but it’s probably where we will see more and more opportunity for the entrepreneur and organizations who sees print as an opportunity and not a dead-end.

Oh, and don’t ask me who is going to win.  Yes, those are two storied franchises with plenty of Super Bowl experience, but they don’t rate very high in the opinion of  most folks who call Dallas/Fort Worth home.  I’ll be wearing my cap with the “star” on it when I watch the game — and probably my #8 or #9 jersey.


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