Scattershooting in April

These past few weeks have been awful quiet in regards to the print industry.  We continue to watch the economic fist-fight between President Obama and the Republicans and wait to see the results.  The Libyan mess has been relegated to the back pages – but the instability this has created in the Middle East is being reflected in oil prices.  Not a good thing for the economy, or our industry.

I’ve been reading a variety of blogs and articles on print and its “changes,” and continue to see a diversity of opinions.  One group will say – “the industry is not going away,” while another is saying “the sky is falling.”  Hmmm.  Maybe we can all agree that the next few years are going to be “different.”

The SFI/FSC fight of who’s holier-than-thou is filling up the blog pages and there still continues to be cynicism on producers and consumers on the whole issue.  Yet, one thing we should not overlook is that companies which have solid sustainability practices (this means a lot more than “being green”) have found ways to reduce their costs of operation by minimizing waste, in materials and production – and that’s a good thing.

I see that USPS has put IMb on the back burner — again.  Still too much confusion – and Postmaster Donahoe has bigger fish to fry.

Oh, baseball fans, note that the Texas Rangers are 8-1.  Not a bad way to start the season!


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