USPS Enters The Fray

If you are one of those folks who think the Post Office needs to start re-inventing itself, pay close attention.  The most recent foray is a move to integrate mobile media advertising (think mobile bar codes, e.g. QR Codes) and direct mail.   Along with the recent “Every Door Direct Mail” option, we’re starting to see a USPS thinking out of the box – in terms of product and marketing.  It still needs to deal with its infrastructure of too many employees and an attitude that says we’ll just move the deck chairs around until we find the right combination.

On a lighter note (not really), check out this WSJ cartoon which reflects a pervasive attitude of society.  It was published in the online WSJ on Monday, April 18th.


2 thoughts on “USPS Enters The Fray

  1. I agree that the USPS needs to be coming up with new ways to remain relevant and I love the proposed mobile media advertising incentive program but I can not say the same about the Every Door Direct Mail program. It is the USPS going into direct competition with mailshops like mine whose customer base is 90% small, local businesses mailing 5,000 or less per mailing. The Every Door Direct Mail program cuts out the mailshop and list provider putting the USPS in competition with me for my current and target customers. After they have called on me to be their “partner” for many years (since 1993) I do not appreciate this at all.

  2. Of course, email is killing the post office. How many companies have “gone green” and are now sending bills via email rather than snail mail. It arrives quicker to the customer and is more reliable to actually arrive. Perhaps sending bills by text message is not too far off in the future.

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