Should I Be Happy?

I just finished reading an article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal on the hacking which occurred at Sony, which comes on the heels of our website getting hacked several weeks ago.  We’re still in the process of re-building.

Here’s a key excerpt from the WSJ interview of Howard Stringer, Sony’s CEO, “He said the security breach at PSN, Sony Online Entertainment, an online game service for personal computer users, and its Qriocity streaming video and music network could lead the way to bigger problems well beyond Sony, or the gaming industry. He warned the attacks may one day target the global financial system, the power grid, or air traffic control systems.

“It’s the beginning, unfortunately, or the shape of things to come,” said Mr. Stringer. “It’s not a brave new world; it’s a bad new world,” he said.

Given all they hype of cloud computing and our ability to more readily communicate any time, any place, I don’t know whether I should cry or be happy.


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