Print's Voice

I’m back from another trip – they seem to be coming with more frequency the past few years.  This time it was to our nation’s Capitol for our industry’s annual political event.  Like it or not, it’s important for all of us to be involved with our legislative process.  It may not move the way we want, or as fast as we might wish – but that’s democracy.  And we all need to play a role.

Over the past few years PIA has made a commitment to support this activity – at no little cost.  As important as it is for us “staffers” to be here, it’s so much more important when a Congressman or Senator has a real life company owner/voter in front of them.  If someone has taken the time to make a visit, our representatives understand it must be important, and the more voices which are heard the more likely the message is understood.  Congratulations to all the individuals who make time to visit or contact their representative!  We may not get exactly what we need or want – but consider this.  What would happen if no one was voicing print’s issues to Congress?


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