Small Business — Rejoice!

The administration announced today that it was proposing changes to regulations which would provide savings of over $10 Billion (over five years) to small business.  Wow, that got my attention, but I started looking for the “hook.”And I found it.  Granted, there’s a lot more detail to come, but if you read about 2/3 down into the Bloomberg article you’ll note that the changes help the folks who are already at the government trough  (healthcare and defense) and the railroad industry.  Pleeeeze, is this really small business?

If the administration really wants to help small business, how about addressing the Clean Air Act — which will pull in thousands of real small businesses into its regulatory maw with the proposed EPA redefinition of acceptable levels of ozone.   And let’s not even talk about what the Affordable Health Care Act (an oxymoron) will do.  Oh, well one can dream.


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