Small Business Trashed — Again

My last posting covered the Administration’s proposal (or attempt) to provide goodies on one hand, while dishing out “other” stuff with the other.  Well, it really hit the fan on Thursday with the announcement by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which will require mandated postings in the shop/office explaining employee rights for collective bargaining (unionization).There were over 7,000 comments made when this “legislation by rule writing” was initiated — and most of those comments did not support the changes.  Regardless the NLRB has taken the position that this type of posting was necessary – and the Administration has backed it up.

What this rule does is wave a red flag to every dis-gruntled individual who thinks management has done him/her wrong.  Of bigger concern to me, is that the vast majority of our industry (and small businesses) don’t understand the archaic rules of the NLRB.  One inadvertent mis-step by a supervisor during a union organization drive can be disastrous — resulting in the company fighting the government as well as a union.

The Administration is talking about the need to create jobs, while at the same time supporting regulations which provide dis-incentives for business.   To quote Yakov Smirnoff, “What a country!”


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