What's Next?

It’s time to get connected.  OK, I’ll admit it.  In my world, Social Media has not been #1 on the priority list.  I use LinkedIn several times a week and my Facebook page might get a visit every other week, and up to now, I refused to Tweet.  Well, maybe it’s time to rethink these topics.

It is becoming apparent to this old fogey that getting connected (networking) is becoming more and more important in the industry we call printing.  Why?  The people we need to be speaking to – or getting to know are no longer just “printers.”  It’s about mailers.  It’s about marketers.  It’s about online competitors.  It’s about foreign (no that doesn’t mean Illinois) competitors.  It’s about supplier/manufacturers who are also competitors.  How do we stay up with this new world?  Use the new technologies and find ways to expand our horizons.  We can no longer just hang around with folks who look like us.  We gotta spread our wings.  Tweet. Tweet.

So, I’m off to check Google Plus — more to come.


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