Taxes — Neither Bad nor Good

This might put me on the wrong side of the fence with the Tea Party, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with increasing taxes. There I’ve said it – and I feel better about it.  But before anyone starts a flame war, consider this.  Are we really going to be able to solve our fiscal problems by just cutting?  Are we going to be able to tax our way out of this mess?  The answer is no — yet one side is refusing to accept that taxes are a necessary part (evil?) of any government, while the other is not willing to accept that doing business as usual is not sustainable.

We as individuals need to have skin in the game — let’s not just increase the taxes on the rich — but everyone.  Let’s find a way to have meaningful dialogue of what are the services we need from government — and what we are willing to pay for those services.  Too many want the government to pay for everything, but don’t you dare ask them to pay for those benefits.  Look at the recent FEMA argument and how convoluted it is becoming.

I could go on forever — but I think this article by Stephen L. Carter says it very nicely.  It’s about a ten-minute read.  What do you think?


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