Washington Math

OK, I admit it.  I don’t get it.  There was a recent article in Businessweek which spoke about the President’s Job Plan and how it will help employ more folks.  Not being an economist (but I do have a piece of paper that indicates I received a Masters degree in Business), I am not able to see how the Administration’s voodoo economics (yes, I know . . . it’s an old phrase) will result in changing the present path.

And for those of us that didn’t go to Harvard or Stanford, let’s do some simple math.  The Obama Jobs Plan will spend $447 Billion over several years.  The net result, per a survey of various economists, would be to add or keep 275,000 individuals employed. Hmmm.  That’s $1.62 Million per person.  That’s what I call a REAL good use of money.  Or how about this, since we’re just throwing money away, what if we gave every taxpayer in the U.S. a “bonus” check of $2,052, which equates to $447 Billion.  What a country!


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