Vision Is Everything

The past week has been chock full of Steve Jobs stories and adulations.  All well deserved, but when you really look at his life – and his impact on our industry – you realize that one or two small mis-steps, and you have another Wang Computer.

As I look at Jobs and many of the successful folks in our industry, it’s about vision.  It’s about being at the right place, right time – and knowing that there’s an opportunity.  Too often our heads are buried in the minutiae of life and running our businesses.  The end result is we miss the opportunities to excel.  In my mind, the real core of Steve Jobs, which made him a winner, was his vision. He was able to see things no one else saw, and when the opportunity was there, he was able to take advantage of it.  Plus, he was a bit of a hippie/anti-establishment type growing up.  He didn’t let the world constrain him.

With all the “bad” news we deal with every day, do we find ourselves looking at the stable full of horse****t, or are we looking for the pony?  It’s time to saddle up!


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