For Love Of The Game

OK, no comments about business today.  It’s the World Series, and although I admit to being a Texas Rangers fan, we’ve just seen four fantastic games.  And it’s now a series which will be the best of three.

Any good baseball fan has to have been ecstatic over the past week.  The first two games are one-run affairs with great defense, solid pitching and timely hitting.  It doesn’t get better than that.  Then came the fireworks of Saturday’s game.  Over 20 runs scored and probably one of the best players to ever play the game lights up the scoreboard with three home runs.  That’s only been done twice — by a guy named Ruth and another with the title of “Mr. October.”

With the series on the line for game 5, baby-faced Derrick Holland goes out and shuts down the “Birds” bats with a masterful mix of nasty breaking stuff and heat.  Yes, he had not performed to expectations during the playoffs — but remember this is a kid who threw four complete shutouts during the year.  What a game!

Now comes game six with Chris Carpenter who is admittedly one of the best pitchers in the game against C.J. Wilson who has been “challenged” during the playoffs.  I’m hoping for a great game tonight — let’s hope we get one.  And it wouldn’t hurt if Texas won it!


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