The Search For A Future

Print in all its forms is still the most prevalent way of communicating.  The web; smart phones; signage; and tablets (in all their forms) are all vehicles for distributing the written (visual) word.  If one was to think about it, print is more powerful than ever – it’s just the way it is delivered that has everyone disturbed.

Think of all the new careers which have been created because print is no longer in the realm of craftsman using archaic ways to reproduce the printed word.  Today anyone can be an author, publisher and printer.  No longer do we just listen to the opinions of a handful of individuals who control the newspaper publishing industry.  Anyone with a blog site has the power.  The genie has been released from its bottle.

Here’s one more point which provides additional food for thought.  Per Gartner, a leading IT research agency, there will be approximately 64 million tablets in use by the end of the year.  That number goes to over 900 million by 2016!

Yet, if one is to consider the opportunities which abound for entrepreneurs who can think beyond ink on paper, there are fortunes to be made.  Or at least a good living for the next few decades.


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