What Can $250,000 Buy You?

The board of directors of Printing Industries of America (PIA) recently allocated a quarter of a million dollars to support a variety of activities which will continue to spread the word of why print still has value.  While to many of us that is significant money – in the land of mass media, it’s peanuts.  It’s a 30 second commercial during a national football game; it’s a series of weekend ads in a local market.  It’s chump change.

Yet, the question remains – is it worth doing?  Many take the position that for the industry to try to stop/change the perception of print being antiquated is not achievable, while others feel that something has to be done – if for any reason just to make us feel good.  Well, PIA has taken on the role of making us feel good – and more.

Over the next 6-12 months, an upgraded website will be developed focusing on best practices, along with continued support of “Print In The Mix,” “Print Grows Trees,” and “ChoosePrint.org.” Regardless, of ones feelings to the value of this type of campaign, it can not be ignored that information can influence.  If every print producing company in the U.S. can influence 3 – 5 buyers, the needle will move in the right direction, but it has to start at the grassroots level.  If we don’t influence those local buyers, tell the fat lady to start warming up (thanks Dandy Don!).


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