The Darkside

I purchased an iPad2 over the Holidays.  Mea culpa.  Why did I do it?  Supposedly it was to better understand the competition — and make my mobile communication easier.  Or that’s what I told myself.

Getting set up was a bit tricky, but that’s what tekkie sons are for.  James had recently purchased  his iPad and helped his old man get setup and introduced to a variety of applications — and games — of course.

Although I’ve carried a laptop for years and a smart phone for the past two, this device takes it to a new level.  NO, it doesn’t replace the smart phone, but once I get the right apps setup it will replace the laptop.  More importantly I am starting to see why it’s a game changer for the publishing industry.  And in turn it will affect many of the ways print will be used in the future.

I challenge you to make the investment (it’s not small) because it’s important for us in the world of print to understand the different ways people use to visually communicate.  If we are going to succeed in our business, we need to understand this technology rather than condemn it.  It’s the old adage — “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”  And while you’re thinking about that line, check out this recent WSJ article on Eastman Kodak.

OK, it’s now time to check out how my Angry Birds are doing.


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