Et Tu Pomum?

And You Too Apple?  As of this morning, Apple has joined the fray in the world of digitizing textbooks.  For the publishing industry, does this hasten the demise of the printed page, or is it just another company (is Apple “another” company?) trying to position itself for a piece of the pie?  Regardless, there is no ignoring this player who has historically been very much a part of the education community.  More importantly is that the world of print is being affected by sources who were once considered suppliers (Apple, Adobe, etc.) and are now both partners and competitors.

For those of us who make a living in the world of commercial printing and say, “but I don’t print books,” don’t forget that the quicker people get used to using digital tablets for communication, that the day-to-day uses of print become threatened.  And for many in our industry, that will create business opportunities.  Content may be king, but those who can format content sit at the right hand of the king.


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