Running For President

I will be the first to admit that I did not watch the State Of The Union speech on the 24th.  I wasn’t up to hearing a bunch of posturing – and as an equal opportunist – it’s the same approach I’ve used for the gaggle of Republicans and their debates.

In reading the commentary and a variety of press releases this morning (PIA’s being one), this Administration (along with many in Fantasyland Along The Potomac) are not willing to make the serious changes necessary to help position this country for our children.  So, if I was running for Big Dog (never in a hundred years), here are some of the issues on the Polanco Platform:

1.) Give heed to the Simpson/Bowles Commission.  They got it right; 2.) Modify the tax structure by a.) increasing capital gains by 5%, but reduce that increase for companies/indiviudals which utilize their assets for producing services and products – they’re the backbone of commerce and in turn will create wealth for the investors; and b.) Everyone pays taxes – regardless of income level. We create a floor so that no one ends up with $0 tax liability.  If you’re not paying into the system, you can’t get anything out of it.  How’s that for democracy? 3.) This next one will probably go down like the proverbial dead fish in the punch bowl.  Entitlements MUST be reduced and controlled.  That goes for social security, Medicare, and government pensions – including the military.  I assure you that wouldn’t get me any votes from the Old F’s (that’s me now days) and the military.

OK, I now have that off my chest.  Just don’t ask me about gay marriages, right-to-life, privacy, immigration, gun control, or any other “social” issues.  I’ll probably ruin any chance of running for president.  LOLROF


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