I have recollections of listening to conversations of my father, grandfather, and assorted “uncles,” reminiscing about the good ol’ days.  Well, it seems my siblings (there’s six of us) and I have reached that stage – but in a different forum.

Baby brother Phil (all of 46 years old) started a conversation about the Helms Man the other night.  For those of you who 1.) Didn’t grow up in So Cal, or 2.) Too young to remember (Helms went away in 1969), the Helms man was the guy who delivered bread and assorted pastries to your door.  Yes, to your door!  I’m sure you found similar companies throughout major metropolitan areas across the U.S. prior to major supermarket chains and discount stores changing the landscape.

Phil shared photos he had discovered, and we good natured (No blood, no foul) kidded each other for sibling transgressions as the conversation wrapped around grandparents and other fond memories.  When we couldn’t remember certain specifics, Norm (brother by marriage) and Phil provided background information.  Oh, did I mention that this entire conversation occurred online?  And that all of us are scattered throughout Southern California and Texas?

I’m sure we would have had a lot better time face-to-face.  The power of conversation is the ability to read tone of voice and body language.  This value of communication is too often over looked as we try to find ways to make our lives more “efficient.”  Yet, the power of technology has changed our way of life – for good and bad.  I think for the better.  Although I’m sure the folks who were employed by the Helms Bakery would disagree that change was a good thing.


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