More Thoughts On The iPad

It’s been a little over 30 days since I’ve had my iPad, but I’m truly beginning to realize how much of a game changer this product is/will be.  I have a high speed connection at home and 3G on the road and the ability to connect while mobile is as good if not better than my 4G Android.  And there is no comparing a screen that measures 8 square inches vs. 48.  But here’s the real difference, the apps that mimic a magazine or a book along with a move to influence the world of education.

With Apple’s aggressive move in January to whole-heartedly enter the education world, this is going to reverberate in many sectors.  Granted expense is a big issue as Dr. Jerry Waite, University of Houston, stated at a recent meeting.  He observed that he sees very few iPads on campus because of the expense.  Yet, 10 years ago that was the identical comment we heard about laptops, and they are now everywhere on campus (secondary and post-secondary).

I can readily see the ubiquitous use of this device to compliment (maybe supplant with younger people) printed information (magazines/newspapers).  I presently subscribe to print versions of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Dallas Morning News, and Golf Digest.  I also have the online versions.  Although I gravitate to my printed versions (could be my roots – and age), I find the digital versions extremely easy to use when I’m short on time, and in some instances (Golf Digest) preferable.


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