Nirvana — Packaging Printing

A recent GreensheetBiz newsletter was focused on packaging  with articles focused on equipment and market opportunities, and it got me thinking.  Since this is the only part of the printing industry which will not face major attrition over the next five to ten years, the focus on this sector makes sense.  Yet, success is not as simple as perform the right market research or buy the right equipment, which is the focus of articles by Sid Chadwick and Aaron Kiel.

Over the past several years, the packaging industry’s profit margins have been eroding because of competition and it’s a market which tends to be dominated by very large players and companies who understand the intricacies of packaging.  It’s not just about printing.

For most general commercial printers, the path to success in packaging is strewn with major obstacles many are not equipped to handle.  And I’m not talking about equipment or market research.  It’s commitment to process control and documentation.  Playing in the packaging world also requires a different mindset in sales and customer service and more importantly pricing.  I don’t disagree with Sid that there are opportunities, but it’s not as easy as “build it and they will come,” which too often is the mindset of many in the general commercial printing world.


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