Opportunities Abound

OK, we’re upset by the latest pronouncements from Washington D.C.  Our customers have less loyalty.  Our employees are overworked and getting stressed.  We don’t like click charges and having the digital equipment guy knowing everyone by first name. And we no longer just have the guy across the street competing with us.  Get over it.  It’s time to get moving.

Too many companies are waiting to see if November’s election is going to solve their problems, or if Benny Landa has developed the silver bullet. The result is a bunch of folks looking like the proverbial deer in the middle of I-35.  So, let them stay in the road and become a buzzard’s next meal, while you scamper across and find that rich field of corn.  In today’s market, the companies who are strategically planning their moves – and moving – rather than waiting around are going to be the winners.

Here’s a few ideas to kick around with your management team.  What is it we do well?  What is our company’s weaknesses?  What’s the message we want to send to our customers and potential customers?  How do we integrate technology (mobile, social media, websites) to help us spread the message?  How do we train our sales/support teams to think of ourselves as solution providers rather than job shop order takers.  Once you’ve done this, put a plan together and stick to it!  Oh, and you can’t use the phrases service, quality or price. The majority of buyers have heard that before, and you become just another black cat yowling in the alley at midnight.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get over it and get out there and kick some butt.


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