The Social Media Bandwagon

Everyone is talking about social media.  John Foley, the guru of social media, has been on the bandwagon for years – and John understands its power better than many.  But the question remains is it really right for your business?

Just because you create a Facebook page or have a Twitter account doesn’t automatically make you “cool” in your customer’s eyes.  The question remains, why are you doing it?  In a conversation I had the other night with marketing consultant Ryan Sauers, it’s clear that many in our industry are just following along because the guy down the street is doing it.  It reminds me of the days when the first six color 40” was installed in town.  All of a sudden everyone had to have one – regardless of whether it brought value or not to their customers – or made financial sense for their company.

One has to remember that Social Media is a channel of communication – it’s a mean to an end.  As Sauers suggested, it’s crucial for management to develop a solid marketing plan (and remember sales is not marketing) and determine if Social Media should be part of it (it’s just one of many channels).  If Social Media is to be part of the channel, get some help (contact your local trade association).  Just because your estimator or CSR loves to use Twitter or Facebook, doesn’t mean they’re the person to execute your SM strategy.


One thought on “The Social Media Bandwagon

  1. First, I just wanted to say thanks very much for mentioning me in this blog post, and of course for linking to my Twitter page. I appreciate it!

    I absolutely agree with your points in this post. For anyone that has ever seen me speak on the topic of social media before, they know that I am passionate in the belief that there must be a strategy and a plan developed ahead of time before it can succeed!

    Social media needs to be thought of as just one channel in the marketing mix. It should be integrated with nearly all of your other marketing efforts as well – thus, that’s absolutely why the responsibility of handling social media needs to belong to someone that understands your company’s overall business objectives and marketing goals.

    For a printer to succeed with social media, they must also be putting forth an effort to ensure that their website is up to par, and that their SEO efforts are delivering results. For anyone that’s interested, I actually just published a White Paper that covers those items and more. It’s on the overall topic of Inbound Marketing in general. Feel free to download a copy at:

    Thanks again for the mention and for sharing your thoughts with the industry!

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