It's All About Coaching

My local team (Rangers) is on a slide lately, and it’s not about offense, but the long time lament of many in North Texas.  It’s pitching – or lack thereof.

The season started great because the starting pitchers were going deep in games and the relievers were outstanding.  That’s not the story over the last 20 games where the Rangers are playing sub .500 ball, but “that’s the way baseball go,” to quote Ranger’s manager Ron Washington.  Here’s hoping that the Maddox boys can find a way to get into their young pitcher’s minds and get them re-focused.

Which brings me back to business.  In your company are you coaching, or are you telling?  If there is anything we have discovered about the Rangers the past few years is that they have played as a team – and give Washington kudos on that.  He may not have Bobby V’s articulation, but he understands his players and knows how to give them the right kind of leadership.  More importantly he understands the fundamentals of the game.  As Wash says, “we take what the game gives us.”  If the team needs to go yard, that’s their play, and sometimes it’s small ball that gets the desired results.

So, what are you doing to lead your team?  It’s no longer about doing one thing well – but doing many things well.  As the two-time AL champions have demonstrated, it’s defense, pitching, and hitting.  In the old days, it was always about hitting – but the wins never really came.  So, look at your team and find the ways to “take what the game gives you.”


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