Embrace The Pain

No, this is not going to be a sado-masochistic column.  Although as a long-time practioner of the martial arts, there are some who would expect this of me.  No, No, NO.  I’m talking about our graphic arts industry.

Some of the decisions which must be made are very painful.  Here are just a few:  Should I invest in new technologies and make a bigger capital commitment?  I’ve taken the steps to change my business and discover I don’t have the right personnel.  I don’t want to be a marketing services provider, does that mean I’m doomed?  Should I sell my business?  Should I buy a business? These are questions which can truly be difficult since none of them have a simple answer, and in many cases the answers are painful to contemplate.  Inaction could be more painful.

This is a great time to talk to some trusted advisors.  It could be your CPA, lawyer, a long-term business acquaintance, or even your trade association’s leadership.  Have that discussion and you might find a way to resolve your challenge and gracefully embrace the pain.


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