Our Nation's Capitol

Last week PIA MidAmerica Chairman, David Reid and I attended Print’s Voice 2012, which is the annual Washington D.C. “fly-in” hosted by Printing Industries of America and the National Printing Equipment Suppliers Association (NPES). Three days of intense discussions and briefing on political issues in Washington can leave you drained, and jaded, and hopeful.

Although not a big conference (and it should be much larger since there’s no fee to participate), those in attendance received a thorough briefing on key industry issues by the PIA legislative team, as well as getting the opportunity to hear a variety of legislators expound on topics near to their (and our) hearts.  We also had the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill and exchange some of those thoughts with our Congressman, Senators and their aids.  Of key importance this year was Postal Service – and it was very apparent that Congress only gets part of the story, and it wasn’t ours.

Accepting the reality that many issues may take a year or two (or three or four) to resolve – and never to your complete liking – can leave you jaded.  Yet, understanding that this sausage making is part of our political system and that it is still the best democratic system in the world, it leaves one hopeful, especially when you have a talented team of professionals representing our industry. Great job, Lisbeth, Julie, Ben, and L.A.!


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