No Print Day Does Not Compute

Toshiba America Business Solutions recently announced the creation of National No-Print Day (NNPD), to be held on October 23, 2012.  For a company who is in the business of producing electronics and print devices, this seemed to be 1.) a twisted way to get PR or 2.) a marketing department and management who are extremely out of touch with reality.

The trouble with this missive is that it sends the wrong message.  No, there’s nothing wrong with sustainability and recycling, and no, there’s nothing wrong with minimizing waste.  What Toshiba got wrong is that trees are being destroyed to create paper. Trees are re-planted at a faster rate than they are consumed.  Why would a farmer (paper industry) want to destroy their seed corn?  Trees are a crop and people need to understand that there is more forest land in North America today than there was 40 years ago, and that over 60% of paper is recycled.  Can producers of electronic devices come close to those types of numbers?  I didn’t think so.

Maybe we need to consider a No Electronics Day, or maybe a No Toshiba Decade!


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