Affordable Health Care?

I’d like to observe that there are as many folks wanting to kiss Chief Justice Roberts as there are folks wanting to stick a sharp pointy object in him.  Regardless, we now have to deal with the aftermath of the decision.

If you are hoping for November to take care of the problem, it ain’t going to happen.  Whether we have a new president, same president, new congress, old congress, there is a good possibility that most of us are not going to like the end game.  The present ACA does nothing to control costs.  It’s about expanding coverage.  Any changes which may occur with a different administration/congress may still not address the cost, or health care concerns of many. Thus, we will continue to fight over the issues of who deserves health care and who’s going to pay for it until the system is so out of whack that we’ll end up with a single payer system.  Did I say that out loud?


One thought on “Affordable Health Care?

  1. I think you’ve distilled it quite well, here, Joe. I know it’s not what business (small, medium and large) wants to hear, but it’s the reality. The disparities in our system are too out of whack with the rest of the advanced industrialized world. We can either join them, or continue to obstruct and search for ways to go backward, because “restoration” is not a realistic option. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” NEVER applied to healthcare.

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