USPS – What’s Really Going To Happen?

As with everything political – and in dealing with USPS issues, it always gets political – the road to a solution is extremely twisted.  When you add to the mix that USPS is an integral part of our nation’s communication channel and this channel also affects the lives of nearly 8 million, it becomes obvious, regardless of our best efforts, that none of us are going to like the results.

This was made clear to me in a recent article by Clint Bolte in GreensheetBiz.  He was reporting on the recent Postal Vision 2020 conference, which was held in June.  Granted only 150 participated, but it was a unique group of folks ranging from independent visionaries to the chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission.  Bolte’s report was interesting reading, but it was his column’s conclusion which got my attention.

Bolte stated, “If everyone – i.e., legislators, regulators, USPS management and USPS unions – had the same objectives, priorities and values relative to the postal needs of the United States of America, the turnaround of this business would still be extraordinarily difficult.  Since those shared elements do not exist, taxpayers can expect federal bailouts to fuel proprietary agendas for years, if not decades to come.  In the meantime, entrepreneurial suppliers developing work-share product enhancements – to help contain USPS costs while leveraging USPS assets, to preserve if not increase USPS revenue in niche applications – will be appreciated and quite profitable.”


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