Political Ramblings

OK.  I don’t really think of myself as a political junkie – but compared to many of my friends and acquaintances – I am one!

What has my interest at this time is Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate.  In many ways he’s what the Republican Party needs: young, Tea Party acceptable, a real tax wonk, and a Catholic (did I say that out loud?).  He’s also not what the party needs, he’s white, from the Midwest, and because of his economic proposals in the House, fodder for the Dems. And the real $64,000 question — will he help Mitt get elected?

I don’t think Ryan changes the needle that much.  He plays to the party faithful (or most of them) and he will help bring some of the folks in the middle to the Grand Old Party – but it’s still the Other Guy’s race to lose.  President Obama continues to play the populist, and I for one think that there are too many folks out there who don’t trust business types and will vote for the guy who seems to protect the underdog.  Although I may have some issues which would make me a hippie, leftist, tree hugger to some, I still feel that a balanced form of capitalism (not free of all regulation) is best for economic growth and that Mr. Romney and Ryan can help us curtail many – but not all – the woes that have been set upon us.  The mess that we are presently living (economic, social, etc.) was years in the making and is not going to be fixed in one term by a new administration. That’s going to take Congress and a whole lot of their constituents to fix – and as a country, are we willing to do what’s right – rather than what is convenient?


One thought on “Political Ramblings

  1. Joe you have made some very good points in this Cup-a-Joe. I think we all need to understand that we are in much deeper trouble than any one administration can get us out of in one term. I think we as Americans have got to look beyond a single term to fix the mess we are in. But first we must get Barack Obama out of office before he completely destroys this country with his socialistic ideas.

    First off we have to go back and look at who was in control when all this mess started. Was it the Republicans or was it the Democrats? I think if you look back at the previous administrations you will find that each time something was legislated that aided to the mess we are in now it was the Democrats that controlled the House and Senate.

    Barack Obama has forever blamed Bush for the bad economic situation he inherited. No one seems to look back and see who it was that was in control of the Senate when a lot of this stuff started. It was a Democrat controlled Senate. Now tell me who was the Senator for Illinois during that time. Yes his name was Barack Obama. Don’t you think that Barack Obama holds some portion of the blame the Democrats are always trying to lay off on Bush?

    The President alone is not supposed to be able to make changes in the law or government, however I think over the past 8 years ( yes that does include Bush) I feel this has somehow been changed. It seems that the use of “Executive Orders” has replaced the balance of power that our founding fathers put into place.

    And let’s not forget the Supreme Court either. In the past 4 years there has been some of the most incompetent people appointed to the Supreme Court that I have seen in years. We need to fix that right away. Judges need to learn that there job is not to make the laws it is only to interpret the laws that congress makes. The supreme court judges as of late seem to think that they can make the law say what ever they want.

    This country must start listening to people like Donald Trump and make Fair Trade fair. The fair trade agreements we have now with other countries is far from fair. We need to make sure that if another country wants to ship goods into America that those goods are manufactured under the same restrictions that the American companies have to manufacture under.

    Then don’t even get me started on Foreign Aid. I think it should be done on a personal level and not from a government level. How does it make since that a country should borrow trillions of dollars form another country to give to some other country. To me that makes NO since at all.

    I also believe we need to bring out troops back home and guard our borders and quit wasting all that money in countries that don’t want us there.

    Then we need to start gaining access to our own energy resources her in America. Yes, I know people say we need reduce our dependencies on oil. That would be great, wouldn’t it. Does anybody have any big ideas on that? I didn’t think so. Then we need to drill all the wells we can and get the nasty black stuff out of the ground so we can use it. I do agree we need to continue to develop wind and solar power and anything else that will help us to get off of oil. But right now oil is what we depend on to transport products around the country and to fuel our cars so we better get our production fired up to meet our needs. It is estimated we have enough oil here in America to least for at least 1,000 years. Maybe by that time we can figure out something else to power our world.

    OK that is my political rant.

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