Scattershooting in September

I am seeing signs that our industry is stabilizing, which is good.  We may not be back to where we were in ’08, but it is important for future growth for there to be balance between capacity and market demands.  Although this industry will probably always have excess capacity, we’ve had to re-structure to get to a point where we can have profitable growth.

I’m looking forward to seeing Linotype, The Film.  OK, I’m an old guy, and I actually knew how to run one of those Rube Goldberg devices and have a passion for cams, slides, quadders, and transports.  The film is be screened in Kansas City on October 25 and is the joint project of a variety of groups (creatives, marketing, and print).  What should be fun and interesting is that many of the folks who will attend probably never saw a Linotype – but are the recipients of its legacy.

September has become a wonderful time of the year in North Texas.  The days of 100 degree temperatures are gone; football season is here; and the Rangers are headed back to the playoffs – but those pesky Athletics aren’t making it easy.

The NAPL/PIA Unification talks hit a stone wall and collapsed this September.  But in my mind that’s not a bad thing.  Both organizations have legacies and visions which serve distinct groups of the industry, and they will continue to serve those groups.  As much as we’d like to think that we are all “printers,” that’s far from the truth. We have always been a very fragmented industry serving different markets (regions of country and types of businesses) with varying technologies.  Attempting to create one organization which would serve the “entire” industry and fulfill the vision of serving the leading edge of the industry may have been just one step too far —at this time.


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