Going to Chicago

Sitting in 15A. At 35,000 feet flying over scattered alto cumulus somewhere above southwestern Missouri.  The first flash of fall weather has hit the region, and rivers and streams look like white snakes as moisture condensation forms over the surfaces.  I’m headed to the Windy City for the annual over- capacity fest, as the late Dick Gorelick referred to Graph Expo.  But it’s a different world today.  It’s about workflow, integration, and cross-media. Not just buying iron or technology to keep up with the guy across the street.

Today’s print provider has to think multi-dimensional.   It’s about finding the client who sees the value of print or finding the client who has gone down the digital world and found it wanting.  It’s about matching the right technology to fit the customers needs. And making a profit.  The latter is more important than ever.  Long gone are the days when a printer could make an equipment purchase and treat it as an annuity for the next decade or two.
More thoughts to come over the next few days on North America’s major print technology event.

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