Graph Expo — It Ain't What It Used To Be

One of the regular laments heard about GraphExpo is that it’s much smaller and no one exhibits printing presses any longer. Yes, this is true and will probably be the format for the future.  Yet, the value of this major conference (in my mind it’s more than a trade show) is not how much iron is on the floor, but the knowledge that can be gained by attending.  Today’s world of print is about technology AND new business practices.  Where else can you visit with the industry’s leading suppliers and print providers and garner the knowledge and information which is essential to your company’s success?

During the three days I spent at GraphExpo, while not attending meetings, etc., I had the opportunity to walk the floor and talk to various individuals about new technologies, new services, and new ways of doing business.  Whether it was about economic trends, ink jet technologies, coating and finishing equipment, workflow, web portals, or offset presses, there were plenty of learning opportunities.  I also saw a variety of our members on the floor doing the same thing.  Owners and management teams from Lawrence, Fort Worth, Kansas City, Abilene, San Antonio, Waco, and Dallas.  And I’m sure that most of them were not spending a lot of money on capital equipment — they were there to get a better idea of trends and be prepared to take advantage of opportunities. Not a bad use of time when it comes to helping your company succeed.


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