Print Is Dead! Long Live Print!

Last week’s announcement by publishing icon Newsweek to discontinue its printed edition sent tremors throughout the publishing world.  Print is Dead!

Starting in 2013 Newsweek will only be delivered electronically.  The magazine has been in print since 1933 and the all-digital tablet edition will be called “Newsweek Global.” It will launch in early 2013 and require a paid subscription.

So, let’s be honest.  A publication which needs to be delivered on an extremely timely basis and updated constantly (news publications, etc.) will probably not continue to use print as its core medium.  We’ve all seen this coming – just look around at the challenges being faced by the major newspaper publishers (Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times) as well as RR Donnelly and Quad Graphics, who are the industry’s largest print providers for this type of material.

What many are beginning to realize – and it’s good news for much of the commercial printing industry – is that print has staying power and can carry a noticeable message in comparison to its electronic counterpart.  Contrast trying to find a printed advertising piece from last week on your “analog” desktop in comparison to finding an email advertisement on your “digital” desktop.  In the world of advertising print plays an important role, and every day we continue to hear anecdotal stories from print providers about customers who are re-discovering this value.  Although a part of our industry is going away, there is still another section which will continue to play a key role in communications for many decades to come.  Long Live Print!


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